Exclusive batch of Maasai sloe gin

Elephant Gin will be launching an exclusive batch of Maasai tribe beaded sloe gin bottles in Selfridges and Oblix at the Shard this November. This news comes just one month after the brand introduced 1,500 limited bottles of sloe gin at venues such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Mr Fogg’s, and Mark’s Bar.

Founders Tessa and Gerlach created the brand as a means of raising money for a cause close to their hearts, African elephant conservation. The company gives 15% of its proceeds to elephant protection to help ensure that these beautiful creatures survive for many generations to come.

All of Elephant Gin’s bottles are custom-made with hand-written labels, embossed with a crest and sealed with natural cork. Additionally, each Maasai sloe gin bottle will also be wrapped in a charming set of colourful beads that can be unfurled to use as a necklace or bracelet. With the vibrant jewellery, wearers can sport with pride their support of the African elephant – an ideal Christmas gift that will live on well past the festive season.

The Maasai are a semi-nomadic tribe of people who live in parts of Kenya, known for their distinctive customs and dress as well as skilful farming and jewellery making. Beadwork has been an essential part of Maasai culture for generations, with the women meeting daily, working on a rainbow of bracelets, necklaces and pendants. Every woman in the tribe will have been taught the craft and will go on to teach future generations this symbolic art, something that Elephant Gin are proud to support.

Elephant sloe can be supped on its own and is fast-becoming a favourite cocktail ingredient amongst bartenders. Mark’s Bar at Hix features a Sloe Negroni, a Sloe Collins and Take it Sloe Mo with Ardbeg whisky, liquorice bitters and sea purslane.

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