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In September, intelligentpos, the leading cloud based point of sale solution for shops, bars and restaurants in the UK, announced it had been acquired by iZettle. Together iZettle and intelligentpos now provide an integrated payment and point-of-sale solution that allows small businesses to take card and contactless payments and use hundreds of different features on the point of sale app to help them manage and grow their businesses.

Robin Knox, chief product officer of intelligentpos, is pictured above with Jacob de Geer, co-founder and CEO of iZettle. Robin explains what it all means for customers:

“We have always been about empowering small businesses and start-ups. Our mantra, even as we began working on the intelligentpos app on my kitchen table, has been to put the tools of big business into the hands of companies of all size and type.

“Our point of sale technology allows businesses to run more easily, more efficiently and more affordably than ever before. We designed-in stock monitoring and advanced reporting and added features such as table management and staff rotas because we know from experience that’s what hospitality and retail businesses want.

“Since we launched the first intelligentpos app in 2013, we have continued to develop the software and with the latest version, intelligentpos 4.0, we are very proud to have a product that rivals the very best globally.

“Joining iZettle, as we announced this month, allows us to continue what we do best – only bigger, better and faster than we ever hoped.

“Payment goes hand in hand with point of sale and iZettle is the leading payments solutions provider as well as one of the world’s fastest growing financial technology companies. The deal we have struck makes Intelligent Point of Sale the premium point of sale division within iZettle’s international operation. These are exciting times. Combining the two companies makes sense as it forms a one-stop solution for all small businesses and makes us quite unique in the market.

“iZettle and Intelligent Point of Sale started working together three years ago and formed a strong partnership. We both offer disruptive technologies to the small business owner and both share the same ethos to meet the needs of businesses as they grow.

“Now one company, our integrated systems can scale with our clients’ business. Together, we also have the resources and the ambition to fuel product development and expand our business software services. Expect a range of exciting new features.

“Fundamentally, for my co-founder Paul Walton and me, even as we grow Intelligent Point of Sale, we remain grounded in those days sat at the kitchen table pouring over what was right for the pubs, clubs and restaurants where we had cut our teeth as business rookies. And our mission continues to revolve around providing insight, automation and all of the latest technology to businesses of any size in order to level the playing field.

“We are delighted now to be doing this in partnership with iZettle.”

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