Extraordinary nuts

Cambrook Foods offers a wide range of high-quality yet affordable bar snacks, which are trusted by bars all over.

Tell us about Cambrook Foods.

Cambrook Foods was founded in 2012 by Angus Cameron and Michael Brooks. Having worked in the nut business for over 25 years we decided to start a business producing nuts just the way we like them. The best grades of nuts are a given, so it is all about the way we take a raw nut and make it into something special.

What makes Cambrook a superior choice?

‘Good old’ Salted Peanuts and Dry Roasted Peanuts are still among the favourites so, keep it high quality, simple and affordable with Cambrook nuts. We only buy the best grades of nuts and our highly skilled team bake, season and caramelise the nuts in small batches in our roastery in Andover. Customers are looking for quality at an affordable price, which is why all our packets have a transparent area so customers can actually see the product and have confidence in what they are purchasing.

Why are Cambrook nuts a must for bars and pubs?

Cambrook works with a number of pub groups who are looking to offer their clients a premium snack at a competitive price. Premium snacks are important to encourage customers to spend on something to enhance their drinking experience. Everyone loves a bar snack but giving great quality at a good price will encourage drinkers to make snacking part of their drinking routine.

As Cambrook are the manufacturers, they can offer very competitive pricing to the trade. Making it affordable is key, it should be something easily accessible with every round of drinks and this adds much needed incremental sales instantly.

Tell us about the range of bar snacks you offer.

For pubs and bars, Cambrook offers 45g packs of delicious nuts for guests to devour, as well as convenient 1kg bulk packs. Bulk snacks are on the rise, with savvy publicans going back to this great way to make serious gross profit. Choose bulk mixes that have a bolt of colour, i.e. Cambrook’s Giant Chilli Corn – eye catching from the bar, nice and spicy for the drinkers and a great profit margin. Cambrook offer complimentary large glass storage jars to clearly display the nuts too!

Some of our best-selling nuts include:

45g Sweet Chilli Peanuts and Cashews – baked peanuts and cashews with a spice and sweetness to relish.

45g Caramelised Cashews – roasted cashews caramelised in a wonderfully fine glaze.

BULK 1kg – Mix 6 – Salted, Caramelised & Spiced Mix of Nuts – a unique and fantastic mix of flavours, combining salted nuts (cashews, macadamias), chilli battered peanuts, smoked almonds and caramelised sesame peanuts. – served at one of London’s most famous hotel’s cocktail bar!

BULK 1kg – Mix 18 – Truffle & Pecorino Mix of Nuts – a mix of cashews, almonds, macadamias, pecans and pistachios, baked and seasoned with a distinctive aromatic black truffle and a sprinkling of tangy pecorino cheese – perfect for the guest with fine tastes!


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