Fabric will reopen after winning appeal

Fabric nightclub

Campaigners have won the battle to save London nightclub Fabric after it had its licence revoked in the summer by Islington Council.

The surprising turnaround comes after Fabric’s management came to an agreement with the council yesterday to improve security measures at the venue, which include inflicting a lifetime ban for anyone caught dealing, or in possession, of drugs.

Fabric issued a statement saying that it was hugely thankful to its supporters who united to save the iconic club that holds a great deal of affection in people’s hearts.

A statement on its website reads: “We are hugely thankful to be able to confirm the news that we have won our licence back. We owe everything to our supporters. We really would not be here today without your unparalleled support and generosity.

“So many different people stepped up to put their voices to our cause, artists from all corners of the music community, fellow promoters who have put on huge events from us and clubbers from around the world who all united behind us. We’ve even seen people sporting their #savefabric T-Shirts on the other side of this planet showing just how big this thing is. So, thank you to all of you. Without the strength of your backing this would not have happened”.

The Metropolitan Police applied to the council for the licence to be reviewed after two 18-year-old clubbers died from drug overdoses this year, leading to the club being closed temporarily in August. In September, Islington Council’s licensing sub-committee ruled that efforts by the owners of the club in Smithfield to tackle drugs on the premises had been inadequate. The appeal was heard at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court, where a judge passed the appeal. A date for the club’s reopening has yet to be confirmed.

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