Farzi Café brings experimental Indian cuisine to London

Farzi Café London , Cream Corn Chowder

Indian hospitality group Massive Restaurants is bringing Farzi Café to London this November.

Billed as “a sensory adventure of the traditional fused with the futuristic”, Farzi Café initially opened in Gurgaon near New Delhi in 2014. Since then, the brand has developed nine sites across India and one in Dubai – and now London.

The new London venue is “destined to forever alter the capital’s dining dynamic and preconceived ideas about Indian food”.

Award-winning chef Saurabh Udinia will oversee the restaurant, bringing experimental Indian cuisine with the help of molecular gastronomy, state-of-the art equipment and food theatre.

Signature dishes will include Dal Chawal Arancini (Sicilian arancini balls made with dal and chawal, served with aachar, papad and chutney), and Raj Kachori (mini shells with sweet and sour pumpkin, topped with chutney foam and a crisp okra salad).

Farzi Café London will also offer a post-modern, laboratory-style bar serving a range of molecular cocktails against a backdrop that fuses bold metallics, marble accents and velvet touches.

The signature cocktail menu, named Vedika, translating to ‘the restoring of knowledge’, is playfully inspired by India’s ancient Hindu past.

Created and developed by London’s Dare Hospitality, Vedika playfully explores the interaction between Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology, two closely intertwined ancient Vedic sciences, and takes inspiration from traditional Ayurvedic principles and ingredients to create a selection of tasty drinks made with modern bartending techniques.

Farzi Café’s back of house bar lab enables the creation of cocktails using high tech equipment, including centrifugal machines and a sonic homogenizer, as well as providing space for an in-house fermentation program.

While the cocktails are inspired by the ancient past, the team want to ensure that the drinks help define a new standard for signature cocktail menus in restaurants.

A democratic selection of small producer wines, with select fine wines available by glass using Corravin, will be served from the in-house EuroCave. Beers will be available from celebrated Indian craft brewery White Rhino.

Farzi Café London, Lahori Chicken
Lahori Chicken
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