Farzi Café cocktails look to the stars

Farzi Café cocktails

London-based Indian restaurant and bar Farzi Café is tempting its guests with a cocktail menu inspired by astrology.

The Vedika Menu, Sanskrit for ‘restoring knowledge’, explores the interaction between Ayurveda and Vedic astrology, and features 12 cocktails, including three non-alcoholic serves.

The menu has been developed by bar manager Din Jusufi, who has employed a host of modern techniques and equipment such as centrifugal machines, a sonic homogeniser and a in-house fermentation process.

Carefully selected tinctures, herbs and spices have been used to highlight each star sign. Drinks featured include Virgo’s Kanya in the West, a combination of Terroir gin, orange, citrus, honey, prosecco and frankincense ice cream, and Gemini’s Harmonised Mithuna, made with aquavit, vata spirit, grapefruit, clarified lemon, Belsazar rosé vermouth, salted hibiscus and soda.

Din said: “I love the idea of a cocktail travelling: getting old; picking up bad habits and maturing until it (hopefully) finds its feet and trickles into history.

“Cocktails are the legends of our trade, we are the humble countermen behind the bar helping them live on.”

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