Father and Son launch soft drink

Taste Wins

We founded Amaze Drinks with one main aim to create the best-tasting soft drink on the market. Simples?

Since 2016 the UK born founders Bazi Q & Troy where selling non-alcoholic cocktails at food and music festivals all over the South East of England.

Bazi says:

“I clearly remember setting up our drink tent early hours on the Summer weekends. Serving pina colada’s, frozen passion fruit smoothies, freshly pressed pineapple juice mocktails and a variety of other drinks. 

It was at our 5th festival we discovered an amazing fruit and spice pairing and the “AMAZE” cocktail was born. We also exhibited at the outside Vegan Festival and there was torrential rain causing our tent to blow away and we got drenched but had fun. We then decided no more festivals and wanted to can our drink and sell it to the public.”

Many soft drinks have zero sugar and zero taste – we focused on 100% flavour, mouthfeel and colour; combined with a specific sugar we use – which makes a massive difference in overall flavour. We believe without sugar no natural drink can ever taste its best.

We used Beyond Liquid, a new beverage development company based in Hampshire. They worked hard to develop the recipe for commercial upscale and did an amazing job. Their passion and knowledge was unmatched.

With the help of Steve Baxter from H.E Stringer Flavours (BRC) we were able to blend the syrup and send it to the canning company. His team made this whole project possible.

We use only the best natural ingredients, pasteurise and lightly carbonate the end product using a SALSA caning accredited business. 

Troy says: “There were many times we wanted to give up but we carried on. I always believed we could succeed and create a great tasting soft drink. It was not just about us; we wanted honest on-trade feedback. We decided to exhibit Amaze Future Flavour at Imbibe Live this year and everyone loved it and have been selling non-stop ever since.”

We love the 80’s. The films, music and art. The brand was a collaboration between the founders and Forge 22. An award-winning Vapourwave artist – a bold, vibrant, and unique-looking design that captured both the 80’s vibe and the sci-fi feel. 

TASTE WINS is our motto.

Bazi Q & Troy.

Founders Amaze Drinks