Fentimans adds Cherry Cola to botanically brewed soft drinks range

fentimans cherry cola

The new Cherry Cola has been added to the range of botanically brewed soft drinks from Fentimans.

Continuing the company’s tradition of using botanicals to create nostalgic flavours, the new soft drink is akin to old-fashioned sweets such as Cola Cubes and Cherry Lips. Cherry Cola is available in 275ml bottles and can be enjoyed as a soft drink and also as a mixer.

Eldon Robson, managing director of Fentimans and great-grandson of original brewer Thomas Fentiman, said: “The source of inspiration for Cherry Cola came from researching the herbs and botanicals used by apothecaries in London around the turn of the century to make medicinal potions.

“We always try to give people a nostalgic experience with our drinks, taking them back to a childhood memory or a place from their past. We have achieved this very well with Dandelion & Burdock and Curiosity Cola and I believe we have done it again with Cherry Cola.”

Established in 1905 by Thomas Fentiman, Fentimans maintains the heritage of brewing natural botanicals to make authentic, premium soft drinks at its based in Hexham in Northumberland.

The premium adult soft drinks range also includes Ginger Beer, Rose Lemonade, Wild English Elderflower, Victorian Lemonade, Lemon Shandy and Orange & Mandarin Jigger. Fentimans also produces a range of premium mixers: Tonic, Light Tonic, 19.05 Herbal Tonic, Ginger Beer, Rose Lemonade and Ginger Ale.

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