Fentimans unveils new look that champions botanical brewing

Fentimans Rose Lemonade 2018

Fentimans, the specialist in botanically brewed soft drinks, has unveiled a major rebranding, with new packaging starting to roll out this month.

With an investment of £1.2million, the new bolder design emphasises the artisanal process of botanical brewing, with a consistent, unified look across the range of soft drinks and mixers.

While keeping the 125ml bottles for the on-trade, it is moving from green to clear glass to match the wider range. They also include the new tagline, “Botanically Brewed. Exquisitely Crafted”.

Created by two agencies Brand Tonic and Greeves Design, the new visual identity is currently being rolled out and will be widely available from February.

The relaunch will be supported by a new campaign that aims to build the connection between botanical brewing and the superior taste experience from a Fentimans beverage.

Fentimans marketing director Andrew Jackson said: “This is the biggest single change to the presentation of the Fentimans brand in a generation. Building consistency across our range, in addition to improving the family look and feel, was central to this project.

“By addressing the key visual equities, we have been able to dial up cues of modernity, quality and naturalness, whilst building improved saliency and relevance with a younger audience.”

It is the first rebrand in 10 years for Fentimans which is based in Hexham in Northumberland, with a history dating back to 1905.

Botanical brewing is a traditional technique of using a combination of infusion, skillful blending and fermentation of natural ingredients to create soft drinks with a rich, full flavour.

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