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Boost sales with Fever-Tree’s extensive range of tonics and bespoke G&T menu service

In 2005, Fever-Tree founders Tim Warrillow and Charles Rolls spotted a gap in the market for high-quality tonic water. With an increasing number of premium gins on the market, the gin revival prompted the birth of Fever-Tree as an answer to the poor-quality mixers for which there was no alternative to consumers. Observing that if three-quarters of a gin and tonic is indeed the tonic, it should be the best, Tim and Charles set about researching the finest ingredients in the world.

Named in honour of the cinchona tree, which is also known as the “fever tree” and whose bark contains the key tonic water ingredient, quinine, Fever-Tree has single-handedly pioneered the premium tonic market. Over the years, the range has grown to include a total of five tonics, Indian Tonic, Naturally Light Tonic, Mediterranean Tonic, Elderflower Tonic and Lemon Tonic – all of whose ingredients have been sourced with the dedication for which the Fever-Tree brand has become synonymous.

With quinine from the Rwanda/Congo border, alongside a selection of rich botanicals including marigold extract and bitter orange from Tanzania, Cochin, Nigeria and The Ivory Coast for the three types of ginger in the ginger range and Sicilian lemons from Mount Etna, the team have quite literally gone to the ends of the earth to provide the best.

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Underlining their position as the tonic and mixer experts, Fever-Tree have managed to keep up with the ongoing consumer interest in gin with the introduction and innovation of new products, helping operators to ride the gin and tonic boom and provide a suitable option for everyone. Their Elderflower, Mediterranean and Lemon tonics all retain the distinct quinine flavour, whilst incorporating additional botanicals built in to complement the wide botanical range of the current premium gin market.

Fever-Tree also now offer a unique G&T menu service to operators looking to capitalise on the rising consumer interest in premium gin. The menus pair different gins with the Fever-Tree range of tonics, suggesting complementary garnishes to complete each unique serve. These bespoke menus from Fever-Tree have been proven to increase sales of premium gins by 30% and sales of G&Ts by 60%.

For more information and contact details, visit www.fever-tree.com/trade.

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