Final four VK flavours announced

VK Final Four flavours

VK is offering fans the choice of new flavour between Watermelon, Raspberry & Pineapple, Violet and Wild Fruits.

Last month, Global Brands launched a campaign for the public to come up with a new flavour for its ready-to-drink brand VK.

There has been unprecedented levels of interest for a new VK flavour search campaign, reaching more than six million consumers across social media.

With over 33,000 new flavour suggestions submitted, VK have now opened up the most popular final four flavours to a public vote. Consumers can choose their favourite which will be added to the permanent VK line-up.

VK’s team of influencers, including Sam Gowland, Chloe Ferry, Lateysha Grace and Josh Ritchie, will each champion their flavour for the public to get behind.

The four choices:

• Watermelon (influencer – Sam Gowland)
• Raspberry and pineapple (influencer – Chloe Ferry)
• Violet (influencer – Lateysha Grace)
• Wild Fruits (influencer – Josh Ritchie)

Voting, which can be done online through the VK Official website as well as through VK social media channels, ends on July 27. The winning flavour will be revealed at the beginning of August and put into production ready for release in February 2019.

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