Find My Rep platform helps independent businesses find support after lockdown

Find My Rep

UK start-up Find my Rep has announced the launch of its new platform, developed to help independent business owners in the hospitality sector find tailored support and contacts.

The free platform connects owners of pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes alike with over 200 suppliers, distributors and wholesalers in the UK.

With Find My Rep, independents can find and contact businesses in accordance to their needs. The platform allows users to establish relationships, request support and encourages the industry to work together.

One of Find My Rep’s co-founders said: “We have worked as representatives for some of the largest distributors in the world, supporting independent businesses across different industries such as hospitality and FMCG.

“We have helped many independents grow their business and revenue simply by listening; understanding their needs, supplying the tools and offering support and guidance to help them ultimately improve.

“Something we often realised was that many business owners were not taking advantage of the support readily available to them, typically because they were not aware or simply because representatives of large distributors and wholesalers were not visiting them.

“With Find My Rep, we want to ensure that every voice gets heard, no matter where you are or the size of your business, everyone deserves the right support – now more than ever.

“There are some real challenges ahead for the hospitality industry in the UK. The loss in total revenue from Covid-19 means that collaboration and innovation will be key to survive in the foreseeable future.

“The way in which businesses will have to operate will be a completely new landscape for everyone. The industry has to work together to support and guide independents through a difficult period.

“With Find My Rep, we hope to help them achieve this by offering a free directory of suppliers and distributors across the country that they can reach out to.”

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