Finest Call and Cellar Trends predict cocktail trends for 2016


More than one in five on-trade outlets now serve cocktails and that is set to continue rising, according to research by premium mixes brand Finest Call and its UK distributor Cellar Trends. They predict that the cocktail market will account for 10% of spirits sales by 2020, with key trends driving it in the short term.

The key trends that they highlight for 2016 and beyond are:

  • Back to basics: classic cocktails with a twist
  • Molecular mixology: gels, foams, powders, atomisers, smoked cocktails
  • Regionally inspired cocktails: British classics, Asian, Caribbean
  • Unique spirits: pisco, cachaça, mezcal, digestives such as amaros and bitters
  • Unique ingredients: vegetables and shrubs, dried and smoked fruit
  • Low-calorie cocktails
  • Apertif-based cocktails: spirit-heavy cocktails with fewer fruit and sweet ingredients
  • Disco cocktails: fun cocktails but still high quality
  • Homemade ingredients: gin infusions, barrel ageing
  • Serving vessels: theatre will remain a key trend
  • Rise of premixed cocktails and cocktail solutions.

Their report identifies a growing importance of the on-trade in terms of cocktails, with over 50% of cocktail drinkers enjoying them in restaurants. Further increased expectations from consumers can also be seen in both mainstream and high-end accounts.

Across all venues, drinkers are keen for a consistent experience when ordering a cocktail, with 87% thinking this is of importance. It is anticipated this will spur an increase in the desire for pre-made cocktails in mainstream clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels, with products such as Finest Call cocktail mixes providing a solution.

Importance of the serving vessel is set to rise as consumers start to drink with their eyes as well as their lips, with theatre remaining a key trend, particularly in high-end accounts.

Finest Call’s European brand manager Steve Dingley explains: “Sourcing trends like this is hugely important to us as a company. With consumers becoming more knowledgeable about what they are drinking, it’s vital that on-trade locations are serving their cocktails in a quick and consistent way. Finest Call Premium Cocktail Mixes allows venues the chance to maximise their offering and, with the pre-mixed category set for growth, we believe that we are about to see a strong increase in bars adding a varied cocktail menu.”

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