Fireball targets students with on-trade activities

Fireball frat cup

Fast-growing American liqueur Fireball has been engaging with the latest intake of university students with a new on-trade support package.

In time for freshers week this month, UK distributor Hi-Spirits launched a point-of-sale kit for the liqueur, which is made with cinnamon and whiskey.

The kit puts the emphasis on the exclusive Fireball Frat Cups – a branded 50ml version of the iconic red solo cup which is an essential accessory in the US college party scene.

Along with supplies of the Frat Cups, the POS kit includes posters promoting a range of Fireball serves from long drinks to shots, along with bunting, bar runners and lanyards for staff featuring information on the brand.

Dan Bolton, managing director of Hi-Spirits, said: “Fireball has built up a strong following in the music industry, which has helped to grow its consumer appeal, while its versatility of serve makes it a popular brand with operators and bar staff.

“Our latest support campaign aims to take the brand to the next level in time for Freshers’ events at the start of the new term.”

Among the operators that have seen a sales uplift from Fireball is Bunker, a 300-capacity cocktail bar in King Street, Nottingham. The bar attracts a mix of local customers as well as students, and acts as a feeder for late-night venues on Wednesdays, one of the town’s biggest student nights.

Bunker’s general manager Max Van Anrep said: “We have an American theme which Fireball fits right into, so it’s becoming increasingly popular.

“We serve Fireball as a shot in the red Frat Cups, and it’s very popular as a chaser with a beer or cider as a different take on a Boilermaker.

“The Molotov, which is Fireball served with energy drink, is one of our best-selling serves, and we’re increasingly seeing Fireball squeeze out other shot brands as a bar call among both students and locals.”

Fireball is served as a shot and as a long drink mixed with cola and lemonade at The Pit, a rock club in Doncaster in South Yorkshire which opened in February this year.

Co-founder Christian Carlisle said: “We’ve held some great evenings promoted by Fireball, including a Spring Break Party with beach volleyball, which featured the Frat Cups. We’re now planning to introduce cocktails using Fireball.

“When we told both fans and bands that Fireball would be supporting us, I was surprised at how well known it is, through its strong links with the music scene and touring circuit. All the serves are popular and it gets asked for by name.”

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