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karcher restaurant cleaning

Leading bars, restaurants and hotels the world over rely on Kärcher to ensure cleanliness is the all-important first impression for their customers. Both front and back of house, indoors and out, recreational venues have a complex array of cleaning needs. Matching these needs, Kärcher’s range includes discrete but thorough cleaning machines for bars and restaurants – and their seating, carpets, hard flooring, dance floors, car parks, frontages and foyers, toilets and kitchens – whether for routine maintenance, deep cleans, quick touch-ups or a rapid response to accidental spills.

Because cleaning in hospitality environments requires a particular type of machine, buyers should be looking for products that are available for use at any time with long running times. Easy-to-store machines that are quick to set up save vital time and space, while compact, manoeuvrable solutions clean effectively in tight spaces and those which offer easy service and maintenance options will pay dividends over the product’s lifetime. Quiet operation and stylish appearance combined can ensure machines are discreet enough for use in public areas.

Hard floors

By investing in a floor scrubber drier, consistent cleaning results are guaranteed – and floors are left instantly dry so they can be walked upon right away. Compact, agile models like Kärcher’s BR 30/4 C are no bigger than a domestic upright vacuum cleaner with no trailing cables to be a trip hazard.

Battery powered Scrubber Driers beat mops and buckets hands down; traditional wet mopping may seem like a low cost method of floor cleaning but over time it can actually cost a lot more. Because floor cleaning is so much faster than with a mop, cleaning staff can be deployed elsewhere and therefore whole life costs can be dramatically lower than mopping. Besides the extra time taken to clean floors effectively, mop and bucket cleaning leaves floors wet, encouraging bacteria to spread and creating slip hazards. Emptying, filling and moving of open mop buckets poses a health risk to operators, and dirty water is often reused.

From sticky to sparkling

In another break from traditional, manual cleaning methods, the power of steam can certainly give your premises a clean bill of health – Kärcher’s SG 4/4 Steam Cleaner and SGV Steam Generating Vacuums are certified to disinfect, killing 99.999% of bacteria*. Compact and easy to use, steam cleaners can be used to quickly and hygienically clean countless areas completely without chemicals, making them truly all-purpose; suitable for bar and table tops, hard floors, toilets and kitchen fittings, tiles and glass as well as refreshing and smoothing textiles. Generating pressurised steam at up to 8 bar pressure, they feature on the government’s Water Efficient Technology List†, making them time, environmentally and cost efficient and well as a health-conscious alternative for users, particularly beneficial to staff with sensitive skin and/or allergies.


Elsewhere, tub vacuum cleaners such as Kärcher’s high-capacity T 17/1 eco!efficiency model provide fantastic results despite their whisper quiet operation. This 17 litre machine is designed specifically to provide optimum suction performance despite using only a 750W motor. The result is a machine that is extremely quiet (only 56 dB(A)), uses 40% less energy than a standard 1250W tub vac and yet offers excellent cleaning performance for daily use.

Fuss-free sweeping

For convenience without bending, why not retire your dustpan and brush? The EB 30/1 electric broom is ideal for daytime use, quickly, quietly and easily picking up loose dirt from hard and carpeted floors – battery power means they’re immediately available for use and just as easy to set aside afterwards.

It’s no coincidence that Kärcher cleaning technology for hospitality venues delivers the performance and versatility you demand. When you’re inviting customers to relax and let their hair down, you need cleaning solutions that help deliver five star ambience in a discrete, stylish, economical and effective manner.

To find out more about how Kärcher can make a difference to your business, please visit or call 01295 752142.

† All Kärcher steam cleaners and many of its scrubber driers are so water efficient that they feature on the government’s Water Efficient Technologies List, enabling businesses to claim Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) i.e. 100% first year tax relief on machine purchases:
* Accordant to prEN 16615, PVC floor, Test-germ: Enterococcus hirae ATCC 10541
SG 4/4 (Floor nozzle with lamellae, 30 cm/sec., steam pressure maximum, VapoHydro minimum)
SGV 6/5 & SGV 8/5 (floor nozzle, 30 cm/sec.,1.steam, 2.stem vacuum, level 3)

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