Five things to think about when changing your menu

Heading into September, venues will start to look at transitioning their menus from summer to autumn.

It’s that time of year again where venues will be looking at getting rid of old stock and bringing in the new, evaluating what’s hot and what’s not. So what should bars consider when altering their menus? Co-founder of The London Essence Company, Ounal Bailey, gives five top tips:

  1. Change your menu gradually

As we transition into autumn there are gradual changes you can make to your menu to usher in the cooler weather by building on the menu you already have in place. Subtle additions – like swapping in darker, aged spirits and autumnal flavours – can add just enough richness and warmth to help a drink transition seamlessly between seasons.

  • Prepare to offer autumnal flavours and ingredients

There is an opportunity for bars to work with brands (mixers, soft drinks and spirits) to curate unique and stand out serves for drinkers. As people look to enjoy seasonal flavours such as oranges, dried fruits and dry spices, interesting cocktail menus get their attention and offer a special experience.

  • Look out for trends

Monitoring trends and incorporating them into your drinks offering is a great way for your venue to stay relevant as it shows you’re adapting your business to appeal to consumer needs. This will give your venue a competitive edge as you will start to see an increase in repeat customers who are looking for memorable drinking experiences, as well as keeping your staff engaged with fun and challenging new serves to master.

  • Make the most of seasonal occasions

Venues should consider how to capitalise on seasonal moments, such as Halloween, by making them memorable and even more special than in previous years. So not just by providing quality serves and ingredients but looking at the wider drinking experience.


  • Ensure your cocktails reflect the season

As the seasons get colder, tucking into a warming cocktail can be a delicious treat for customers. Autumnal flavours have grown increasingly popular of late, as seen with the success of the pumpkin spice latte. Bars can capitalise on this moment by introducing cocktails filled with timeless seasonal flavours. Alongside a bespoke seasonal menu, there is an option to introduce merchandise to elevate the experience even further, including bespoke glassware and menu design.

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