Fix8 launches kombucha in cans

Fix8 canned kombucha

Kombucha brand Fix8 is releasing its three flagship flavours – Triple Ginger, Strawberry Tulsi and Citrus Saffron – in new fully recyclable 330ml aluminium cans.

Joining Fix8’s glass bottle range, the new format has been introduced with the aim to “tackle the barrier of consumption occasion and functionality”.

Brewed in small batches at the Fix8 London microbrewery using traditional techniques, the kombucha is naturally low in sugar and contains a living dose of bacteria for the gut, B vitamins for the nervous system and L-theanine, which is thought to contributes to a healthy brain function.

The cans boast a lower carbon footprint and a longer shelf life of 12 months. The product can also be stored at room temperature, enabling distributors and suppliers to store and transport the product more easily.

Freya Twigden, founder of Fix8, said: “Our mission is to break boundaries by taking kombucha beyond the health food niche and open up the consumption occasion.

“The only way to do that is to enter the wider soft drinks market in a suitable ambient format with a genuinely interesting, flavour-forward adult soft drink that plays with the flavours and complexity that only fermentation can create.

“We want to bring great tasting Fix8 Kombucha to everyone at any occasion, any time, any place, anywhere and believe our cans do just that.”

Fix8’s head brewer Chris J J Heaney added: “The fermentation and brewing process is at the heart of our product.

The Fix8 in a can is brewed in exactly the same way with the same ingredients as our glass bottle range. In fact, when you are drinking Fix8 in a can, it is likely to be from the same batch that has gone into our bottles.

“The only difference is when it comes to packaging. When we fill our cans, they are heated just enough to stop the yeast and the bacteria fermenting. Of course, they still contain the naturally occurring B vitamins, acids, polyphenols, and are low in sugar.”

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