Flagship Europe expands range with meat-free dishes

Flagship Europe Tomato Burger

New dishes have been added to the extensive collection for bars and pubs from Flagship Europe including a meat alternative to a burger.

The new Tomato Burger (pictured) is a combination of tomato, beetroot and mozzarella cheese, mixed with herbs and spices, to create a tasty and unusual vegetable alternative to a meat-filled burger.

The 80g burger, packed 2 x 2.5kg, is best grilled and can be cooked from frozen to produce a patty with a slightly crisp outer and soft centre.

Flagship has also introduced a twist on an old favourite, Mac & Cheese Bites, which can be served as a starter, on a sharing platter or as a main course centre plate meal.

Tender macaroni pasta is coated in a rich, creamy cheese sauce and then encased in a crunchy cornflake shell to form bite-sized nuggets that can be eaten just as they are or dipped into sauce.

Suitable for vegetarians, the 25g bites are packed 1 x 3kg, with about 120 bites per case, and can be cooked from frozen in around three minutes.

They follow last month’s introduction of a traditional Middle Eastern meat favourite, Lamb Kibbeh. The croquette-shaped frozen speciality has a crunchy turmeric-flavoured basmati rice casing and is stuffed full of spiced minced lamb and onion.

The lamb kibbehs weigh 45g each and are packed 1 x 3kg, with each case holding about 70 kibbehs. For best results, they cook from frozen in six to seven minutes.

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