Flavoured vodka drinks launched in UK

mysthicHaywood Drinks Products has added the Eliot’s Mysthic range, a collection of premium-quality flavoured vodka drinks, to its portfolio.

After being previewed at the Northern Restaurant & Bars show in Manchester in March, the range is now going on sale in the UK, with variants such as Violet, Chocolate, Red, Black, Green and Gold.

Suitable for shots or in cocktails, they are produced for Eliot’s by spirits producer Ferreira Duque. The bottles feature reflective holographic graphic labels.

Fraser Henderson, managing director at Haywood Drinks Products, said: “The Eliot’s Mysthic Vodka drinks range brings something new to the crowded alcoholic drink sector.

“At a budget price, our vodka range doesn’t compromise on taste and make a great drink for students and party-goers on a night out and are a must-have selection for bars looking for new flavour ideas to add to their existing line of cocktails.”

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