Foodservice supplier highlights latest food trends in new campaign

bidvest 3663 Authentic Foods MEXICAN CHICKEN

A new campaign has been launched by foodservice provider Bidvest 3663 to help licensees to keep on top of the latest trends in food.

Under the banner of “New4You”, it will showcase four products or product ranges each month that highlight what consumers are currently looking for when they are eating out.

It aims to help bars, pubs and restaurants to boost profits by offering new and innovative products and creating menus in line with the latest trends.

The campaign will promote a combination of own-label and branded goods across multiple categories through a dedicated area of the website and via sales teams, highlighting product benefits to customers.

Using in-depth knowledge of the foodservice industry, Bidvest 3663’s expert team of buyers and marketers will handpick items to showcase on the basis that they meet customers’ needs and reflect current foodservice trends.

It will also support Bidvest 3663’s mix of suppliers including those which are either smaller, niche or artisan, raising awareness of new products that might otherwise go unnoticed.

To maximise the appeal of New4You products, they will be championed by Bidvest 3663’s field and telesales teams and launched with introductory price promotions.

Market insights and recipe ideas will add further value to the range, making it easier for chefs to develop their food offer and satisfy diners’ changing tastes.

Among the products launched in the campaign’s first month is a range of pick ‘n’ mix Greek-style yoghurts and toppings from household brand Yeo Valley, which tap into the trend for eating breakfast on the go and make the most of yogurt’s popularity as a breakfast product.

Also included is The Authentic Food Company’s range of nutritious meals (pictured) which are all under 500 calories. These can help customers meet demand for lower-calorie great-tasting food.

Gail Bridgman, campaign and activation manager at Bidvest 3663, said: “We know that the eating-out market is increasingly competitive and that operators must constantly innovate to drive new and repeat custom.

“We invest heavily in new product development and sourcing products that are right for our customers, launching over 2,100 new own-label and branded products each year.

“The New4You range showcases a selection of key products that our industry experts believe hold great potential for our customers to capitalise on industry trends.

“We have a wealth of industry knowledge and access to the latest eating-out trends. We are using this expertise to highlight specific new products to our customers and offer insights and trend data that chefs can take inspiration from.

“Our goal is to make it easy for customers to know at a glance which new products they should try – saving them valuable time and sparking ideas for new items that they can test out before trying the whole range.”

The New4You campaign has been structured so that the Bidvest 3663 sales teams will sample New4You products at Customer and Product Spotlight (CAPS) events, which are held three times a year. Telesales teams will also be briefed on their benefits before they are launched.

The sales team will also receive a monthly magazine containing details of the new products and supplier stories, plus insights highlighting links between new products and consumer trends.

Gail added: “This means that our sales teams can provide personalised recommendations on the products that are right for our customers, offering added value to our service.”

The campaign launches alongside “Give Me a Go” – an initiative to encourage customers to try goods from Bidvest 3663’s award-winning own-label range that they might not have considered before.

Items included in the promotion will be chosen to inspire Bidvest 3663 customers to experiment and find new things that are great for their consumers.

As an incentive for sampling the range, customers can earn Safari loyalty points to redeem against a range of equipment for their business, including computer software and kitchen essentials, as well as vouchers, experiences and other rewards.

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