Former bartender becomes U’Luvka global brand manager

Robert Zajaczkowski - U'Luvka 2

Former London bartender Robert Zajączkowski has been announced as global brand manager for U’Luvka vodka to develop new cocktails and build distribution in leading bars.

Robert, who was born in the Polish town of Wrocław where U’Luvka is distilled and bottled by hand, most recently worked as UK brand ambassador for Beluga Vodka.

Previously, his roles included bar manager at Baltic Bar and Restaurant in Southwark in London, where he was responsible for creating and implementing the drinks list. He was also brand ambassador for Potocki Wodka.

In his new role, Robert will be responsible for hosting and undertaking training programmes and master classes based on U’Luvka’s Polish heritage and its production process.

His key focus will be to continue to position U’Luvka within the super-premium segment and to ensure the vodka is listed in the world’s best outlets, from cocktail bars and hotels to Michelin-starred restaurants. He will also develop new cocktails based on natural ingredients such as fruit and herbs to showcase the natural characteristics of the liquid.

U’Luvka is distilled in small batches using high-quality Polish rye, wheat and barley and diluted with pure Polish water. It is filtered only twice so that it retains character. Its distinctive bottle is inspired by ancient alchemical stills.

Robert said: “It’s great to be working with such an exciting super-premium brand as U’Luvka. I’m really looking forward to working with bar managers in key and new accounts to demonstrate just what a great spirit U’Luvka is.

“It’s an award-winning vodka due to its exceptional quality, full-flavoured taste and eye-catching appearance. One of my roles will be to convey all these, along with the subtleties of the liquid and its provenance to ensure that accounts will benefit from listing U’Luvka.”

Barnaby Richardson, marketing manager of U’Luvka’s UK distributor Love Drinks, added: “Robert’s experience and passion for the vodka category made him a stand-out candidate for the role. Who better to explain the unique proposition of U’Luvka than someone that hails from the same town!”

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