Foxhole Spirits launches Mad City botanical rum

Mad City botanical white rum

Foxhole Spirits, which creates Hyke Gin, has unveiled Mad City, a botanical white rum featuring design from Bristol-based urban artist Sled-One.

Mad City is said to add “more depth, flavour and complexity” to white rum, marrying 100% Fairtrade certified rum from Jamaica, Guyana, the Dominican Republic and Barbados with a recipe of 25 sustainably sourced botanicals.

The spirit has tasting notes of “soft mocha with citrus and tropical fruits on the palate, hints of vanilla, warm spices and pecan nuts”.

James Oag-Cooper, co-founder and managing director of Foxhole Spirits, said: “Our goal has always been to prove that using sustainably sourced, surplus materials can create spirits better than those that use grown for, single purpose materials.

“With Mad City, we’ve been able to apply our skill working with botanicals to rum and demonstrate expertise in a different category.

“We believe that the style of Mad City, with no sugar added post distillation, puts it in a category all of its own.

“The result is fine and balanced, absolutely delicious, and thoroughly satisfying to drink. This isn’t a flavoured rum, or a spiced rum – it’s Mad City”.

Foxhole Spirits commissioned Bristol-based urban artist Sled-One to design an original work for the Mad City label, inspired by the pulsating energy of the city’s Stokes Croft and St Paul’s areas. The resulting bottle features Sled-One’s surreal style, with bold lines, vibrant colours and myriad details.

The launch will also be supported with a digital marketing campaign focused on showing people how to enjoy Mad City to its full potential, with three signature cocktails highlighting the rum’s unique characteristics.

The signature cocktails include the low-sugar Mad City Hard Seltzer, combining the botanical rum with coconut water, sparkling mineral water and orange zest; the Mad City Daiquiri, made with Mad City Rum, lime juice, Acacia honey, basil and an orange twist; and Mad City Solstice, a take on a Dark & Stormy, blending Mad City, Rosso vermouth and ginger ale.

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