Franklin & Sons releases dark spirit-led mixers

Franklin & Sons mixers

Premium soft drinks and mixers brand Franklin & Sons has added two new flavoured mixers to its range, designed to enhance dark spirits.

The two quinine-free mixers – Pineapple Mixer with Almond and Mandarin Mixer with Ginger – have been developed to pair with spirits beyond gin, helping to create limitless combinations to experiment with rum, whisky, tequila, bourbon and vermouth.

Designed to “push the boundaries” of traditional ginger ales and colas, the new mixers are said to go beyond conventional recipes.

The drinks are carbonated with less than 5g of sugar per 100ml, and the flavour profiles are inspired by popular rum and whisky cocktails and the traditional ingredients grown in tropical destinations.

The pineapple within Franklin & Sons’ Pineapple Mixer with Almond “complements the warmth of rum”, while the almond, which originates from tiki drinks such as the Mai Tai, brings a “smoky finish for added depth”.

The second new mixer, Franklin & Sons’ Mandarin Mixer with Ginger, offers a “citrussy twist on a traditional ale”. Inspired by oranges present in whisky serves such as the Old Fashioned and Blood & Sand, it brings “aromatic sweetness and subtle spice of ginger”.

Rosie Crossman, senior brand manager at Franklin & Sons, said: “We are committed to encouraging bartenders and consumers to explore flavour in new ways – having fun and experimenting.

“The new low-sugar flavours offer mixability with a whole array of spirits, made for those who crave something fresh, without quinine, and subtle, with the incredible innovation within the rum and whisky category.”

To coincide with the launch, Franklin & Sons has newly ranged its portfolio into the Tonic, Flavour and Mixer Collection, with the aim appeal to a wide variety of consumers and occasions. It also has welcomed a fresh new look.

Franklin & Sons Mandarin Mixer With Ginger

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