Freestar creates alcohol-free beer using alternative process

Freestar alcohol-free beer

Ex Tesla, Propercorn and Sipsmith trio Charlie Crawley, Eddy Dallas and Felix von Hurter have launched a new alcohol-free brand called Freestar to the UK market.

Freestar’s first product is a premium alcohol-free beer, created using a ‘new’, alternative process that blends natural ingredients instead of brewing them.

As opposed to the typical fermentation process, which removes alcohol from full-strength beer to create a non-alcoholic product, Freestar blends 100% natural ingredients without yeast, guaranteeing a 0.0% ABV beer, with no flavour lost.

The team claim that, compared to brewed non-alcoholic beers, Freestar uses 80% less water and creates 70% less waste. As well as being no-alcoholic, the beer is vegan, gluten free and 62 calories per serve.

Co-founder Charlie said: “Choosing not to drink alcohol shouldn’t mean choosing to compromise, so we created a ground-breaking beer that lets you get more from your night.

“It sounds mad but Freestar is the first alcohol-free beer made by an alcohol-free process. We blend malted barley and perle hops with pomelo and bergamot to create a world beating, great tasting alcohol-free beer. The old way destructively strips alcohol and flavour out of full-strength beer. That’s why we say Freestar is created not destroyed.

“Freestar’s production process is also much more efficient and sustainable. That really matters to us. We’re three great mates and we want to build a business that has a positive impact. That extends beyond production to all aspects of our business. For that reason, we’re a very proud pending B Corporation.”

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