French it up

Italian owner and bartender, Francesca Gentile, puts her own touches to classic cocktail French75. We have the pleasure to introduce you to April’s New Creation: French89.

“Everything blends perfectly, like magic, creating a sophisticated balance of flavours.”

Francesca Gentile is the owner of Funi1898, a lovely cocktail bar located in Montecatini Terme, Tuscany. Funi1898 is embedded in the hundred-year-old cable railway; a classy but casual venue thriving on a retro style that meets contemporary design.

Francesca graduated in Political and International Sciences in 1985, and travelled all around the world as a photo-reporter, which later showed to be a huge influence on her creative choices. She then took her career into a completely different direction. Once she discovered her passion for mixology, she worked hard and experimented to create her own serves, amongst which we find this month’s New Creation: French89.

Playing on the classic French75, French89 is an interesting twist: “elegant, smooth and sexy,” in Francesca’s words.

She chose a local gin as a base, Ginarte, to which she matched lime juice, hibiscus cordial, and Jacquart champagne to top it all off.

“Everything blends perfectly,” Francesca says, “like magic, creating a sophisticated balance of flavours.”

Aromas and flavours from all sorts of different places are cleverly reproduced in Francesca’s drinks, in the same way she used to capture colours and emotions with her camera; her cocktails represent the essence of her personality and bear her signature.

“It’s like sharing all my memories with the guests,” adds Francesca, “I love coming up with new cocktails to seduce their palates, bring back memories and emotions, and leave an unforgettable mark. I always try to simplify the most complex serves for the benefit of the less adventurous palates: less is more! Also, every drink is a challenge; I am always looking for new ingredients and taking inspiration from the most famous chefs.”

We love Francesca’s approach to mixology, and her customer care is off the chart.

We hope you are as curious about French89 as we are, and if you feel like you need some more inspiration for your next serve, keep up with her work on Instagram @francescagentile1898!


45 ml Ginarte

20 ml hibiscus cordial

A splash of lime juice

Champagne top


Photo credits: @fabianamatteini