From orchard to glass: Alain Milliat’s juices and nectars

Bars can get experimental with Alain Milliat’s premium range of authentic juices and nectars

Founded in Valance, France over 20 years ago, Alain Milliat boasts a versatile portfolio of 38 authentic nectars and juices. The luxury liquids can be enjoyed as a premium soft option, with a mixer or used to craft delectable, on-trend cocktails, allowing bars to enhance their offering to provide something extra special – morning, noon and night. With quality, taste and experience at its centre, the brand continues to evolve and expand, thanks to Alain’s discoveries and imagination.

In 1997, at the family farm in Orliénas, Alain created six pioneering juices and nectars, each made using a single variety fruit. The range consisted of Apple and Quince Juice, Grey Reinette Apple Juice, Passe Crassane Pear Nectar, William Pear Nectar, Bergeron Apricot Nectar and Vineyard Peach Nectar. Alain personally visited orchards and farms to select the very best fruit at the optimum point of harvest, realising that characteristics of a variety, the production area, the rain, the tree cut, the level of a ripening and the balance between sugar and acidity would highly influence the aromatic profile of the final juice. This starting point transformed into his philosophy, which has led him to faithfully engineer every single characteristic of the fruit: aroma, texture and flavour.

Alain Milliat frut juices and nectars

Today, the same approach is still taken to create the 24 juices and 14 nectars in the portfolio. “It’s imperative for us that, with each sip, consumers feel they are experiencing every element of the natural fruit at its best,” says Alain. “We want to offer an authentic juice, served in an elegant bottle which has a genuine aromatic freshness that creates surprise and pleasure.”

Alain Milliat Jus de Degustation is not made from concentrate, so they are truly representative of the original flavour of the fruit. Striking the right balance between science and nature, the juices and pulps are extracted from the fruit as close to the point of harvest, with each batch undergoing just one short pasteurisation at a lower temperature, ensuring the optimum flavour is maintained.

The range features classic flavours such as Apple, Pear and Peach, in a number of different varieties, as well as savoury options like Tomato, Carrot and Beetroot, and tropical expressions including Pineapple, Mango and Banana, to name just a few. There’s also a five-strong portfolio of grape juices, produced from the Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Gamay and Merlot varieties. Created using the same process employed by wine-makers – the only difference being the removal of the fermentation which creates the alcohol – the range offers bartenders, restaurateurs and sommeliers the opportunity to provide guests with a no-ABV alternative to wine.

Alain Milliat frut juices and nectars

The Alain Milliat team identify that some of the most popular variants with bartenders are Grape, Rhubarb and Beetroot, but with a vast line-up to choose from, available in 20cl, 33cl and 1L formats, there’s something for every taste and occasion. The brand currently is working with luxury, high-end establishments, including some of London’s top hotels, and is keen to create new, lasting relationships with the UK on-trade. “We’re excited about how we can help UK establishments expand their offer outside of what is seen as the norm for juices,” says Alain. “Our range encourages outlets to experiment with new flavour profiles, textures and pairing to achieve greater enjoyment for the consumer across all day parts.”

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