Fruit-infused syrups join Coco Reál in new cocktail range

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The success of cocktail ingredient Coco Reál has led its owners to launch a new line of fruit-infused syrups in the UK as an extension to the brand.

American Beverage Marketers has introduced Reál syrups through UK distributor Cellar Trends, with a nine-strong range of flavours including the original Coco Reál cream of coconut.

Previewed at the Imbibe show in London in July, the flavours range from blueberry, mango, peach, strawberry, raspberry and ginger to more unusual flavours including pumpkin and agave nectar.

The new products are made by removing water from traditional syrup and replacing it with puréed fruit sourced from growers around the world. They are sweetened with 100% cane sugar to deliver impactful flavour with a clean finish and designed to dissolve easily in hundreds of drinks applications.

They come in a proprietary wide-mouth bottle and closure combination featuring a built-in oxygen barrier and a unique volcano-shaped spout to ensure no wastage.

William Hinkebein, vice president of marketing for American Beverage Marketers, said: “The Reál brand starts a new chapter in our rich history as the category leader in liquid cocktail mixers.

“We are known around the world for our Finest Call and Master of Mixes brands. The new Reál line opens up new opportunities for our customers to create unforgettable fruit-flavoured cocktails.”

Isolde Aubuchon, technical director for American Beverage Marketers, added: “There’s simply no substitute for the delicious flavours that come from squeezing fresh fruit.

“From Bellinis, Italian sodas and beer cocktails to alcohol-free drinks and a whole host of frozen and shaken cocktails, the new Reál line of ingredients showcases exceptional mixability and high-levels of fresh fruit.

“We believe the mixologists and bartenders that inspired our launch of Reál will love this product. This is a line of fruit-infused syrups the industry has been waiting for.”

The range comprises:

  • Blueberry Reál, infused with premium Goldtraube blueberries from the Pacific Northwest
  • Peach Reál, infused with Elegant, Summer and Rich Lady peaches
  • Mango Reál, infused with Alfonso mangos from India
  • Raspberry Reál, infused with Willamette and Glen Clova raspberries from the Pacific Northwest
  • Coco Reál, which contains real coconut meat from hand-picked tropical coconuts
  • Strawberry Reál, infused with handpicked Camorosa, Ventana and Albion strawberries from California
  • Pumpkin Reál, infused with premium pureed pumpkin and hints of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and clove
  • Agave Reál, made with 100% organic blue agave nectar from the Jalisco region of Mexico
  • Ginger Reál, infused with premium Laiwu ginger puree.
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