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In view of the warmer weather, we share five top tips to capitalise on your cider offering.

1. Seek the unique

Alongside popular flavours that have kept the cider category alive for so long, more and more brands are experimenting with bespoke, researched aroma profiles to boost interest in cider drinkers and attract a completely new audience. Keeping up with trends is essential to identify those curated tasting notes that will attract more footfall into your venue, while also providing a refreshing alternative for veteran aficionados.

2. Taste to innovate

Innovation is at the core of cider trends for 2023. Between category giants releasing brand new expressions and a plethora of independent businesses expanding their market, the key is to be the first person to try up-and-coming products to identify the best options for your venue. Whether trying out a bottled drink or opting for a face-to-face, orchard-to-glass tasting, it is vital you put any new brew to the test before making a deal with a supplier.

3. Nail the bull’s eye

Having a great selection of ciders will not be enough to ensure revenue over the upcoming months. It is of the utmost importance to study your local market and clearly outline what works for your business. Stocking different options in both bottle and draught format will help; however, a thorough analysis of your target audience will reveal which varieties you should prioritise to best accommodate guests.

4. Don’t dwell to upsell

Once you have nailed your cider offering, it is time to put your tactical skills to work and create a marketing strategy. You will need to think about how to entice customers in trying a new brand, flavour or trade-up option, focusing on the fact that premiumisation is still – and looks like it will continue to be – a huge factor in customers’ purchases. Don’t forget to make use of socials and, if you don’t have a social media platform, it might be time for you to create one! Regularly posting engaging content will give you the opportunity to attract an even wider audience.

5. Green has never looked better

We could not leave out the growing focus of the last few years: sustainability. The hospitality sector has been evolving and working hard to achieve a planet-friendly status, including learning new techniques for producing and packaging beverages. It is your duty to do just the same and work in line with those businesses that have shown interest in making a difference for what is one of the most wasteful industries around. Whether this is by introducing avant-garde draughting systems or stocking eco-conscious brands, it is up to you to find the best sustainable route for your venue.

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