Funkin’s Innovation Lab heads to Aberdeen

Funkin Innovation Lab team

Bartenders can sign up for Funkin’s Innovation Lab, taking place in Aberdeen on Tuesday 30 April.

The cocktail training session will feature the latest and most cutting edge insights and techniques from Crucible.

Attendees can learn the art of balancing acids and sugars, and watch the team demonstrate different carbonation techniques.

Once guests have learnt from the experts, they can get mixing, tasting and blending to create their very own personalised carbonated cocktail creation.

The session is led by Rosey Mitchell who runs Three Sheets, a bar widely regarded as the best bartender’s bar in London, together with Romeo de Wit, the authority on kegged cocktails. Stuart Bale, the mastermind behind Crucible, will be MC and oversee proceedings.

Goodie bags and oodles of Funkin Cocktails products will be available to take home.

The event will take place between 10am and 1.30pm at Orchid, Aberdeen. Places are limited. Sign up by emailing

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