Funnybones adds meatballs and pork belly with Tex Mex flavours

Funnybones Albondigas Meatballs

Funnybones Foodservice has expanded its range of Tex-Mex products with the launch of spicy meatballs and pork belly bites.

The Spicy Albondigas (pictured top) are Mexican-style meatballs with the rustic appearance of homemade meatballs. They are made in the UK from high-quality minced pork lightly spiced with chilli and herbs. They can be served as they are or with sauces such as chipotle.

Available in packs of 50 individually quick-frozen pieces, they come fully cooked and can be oven baked or microwaved from defrosted.

The new Antojito Pork Belly Bites – using the Spanish “antojito” for “small bite” – are tender cubes of pork belly that are slow cooked in a mild ancho chilli barbecue sauce. They can be used in a sub, wrap or sandwich, presented as a starter or sold as a bar snack with a sauce such as chilli.

These fully cooked porky bites are available in 500g packs of about 20 pieces and can be cooked from frozen in a variety of ways.

As a specialist in dishes from the Americas, Funnybones Foodservice has also introduced two new desserts inspired by chocolate chip cookies. The Giant Cookie and Mellow Stack (pictured below) is four giant cookies sandwiched together with layers of marshmallow, cream and raspberry sauce, all topped off with a milk chocolate coating. It comes frozen and pre-portioned into 12 slices and is ready to serve after defrosting.

The Chocolate Cookie Malt is made from two milk chocolate chip cookies with a chocolate centre that melts when heated. It can be cooked from frozen in just 30 seconds in the microwave. It could be served with ice cream, a strawberry garnish and a drizzle of caramel sauce.

Funnybones Giant Cookie & Mallow Stack

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