Gabriel Boudier to make new liqueur with 2018 Wizard winner

Maria Vieira Gabriel Boudier Dijon Mustard Liqueur

Maria Vieira from East London Liquor Company has been announced as Gabriel Boudier Wizard for 2018 after coming up with the idea for a mustard liqueur.

She was one of four bartenders to reach the final of a competition run by Dijon-based premium liqueur maker Gabriel Boudier with its UK distributor Emporia Brands to find an original new liqueur.

After winning the final in Dijon in France this month, Maria (pictured) will see her winning recipe put into production by Gabriel Boudier and released internationally later this year. She also received a prize of £1,000.

Drawing inspiration from another well-known product of Dijon, Maria’s recipe uses both black and brown mustard – tapping into the trend for “foodie” ingredients being used in cocktails.

The finalists were judged not only on their liqueur but also on their marketing plan to launch it, along with a demonstration of how the liqueur could be used both in a simple serve and in a signature serve.

Maria impressed the judges with a polished presentation, demonstrating a good technical understanding to produce her liqueur, with the unique mustard flavour being perfectly balanced in both cocktail recipes.

She created a twist on a Bloody Mary, using the liqueur with Gabriel Boudier’s Saffron Gin, and a cocktail called Eye of Newt, combining the liqueur with a dry marsala wine, champagne and a smoked malic acid solution. See below for the recipes.

After regional heats held throughout the UK in 2017, the other finalists were Jake Mellish from Boilermaker in Nottingham with tonka bean liqueur, James Bowker from Wilderness in Birmingham with meadowsweet liqueur, and Caitlin Tulloch from Panda & Sons in Edinburgh with camomile liqueur.

The finalists were judged by Samuel Boulton, winner of the 2016 Gabriel Boudier Wizard Award, and Yves Battault, general manager of Gabriel Boudier.

Maria, who works at East London Liquor Company distillery and bar in Mile End, will now work with Gabriel Boudier over the next six months to finalise the recipe of mustard liqueur that will be launched in the UK at the Imbibe Live show in London on July 2 and 3.

Bloody Mustard by Maria Vieira
20ml Mustard liqueur
20ml Saffron Gin
15ml Lemon juice
80ml Tomato mix
10ml Bloody Mary mix
Method: Thrown

Eye of Newt by Maria Vieira
40ml Dry marsala wine
10ml Mustard liqueur
Top with champagne
3 dashes Smoked malic acid solution
Stir the wine and liqueur together and top with champagne and add the dashes of smoked malic acid.

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