German potato gin comes to UK with its own tonic

Windspiel Gin & tonic

A German gin, promoted for the unique character from its potato-based spirit, has been introduced in the UK along with its own brand of tonic.

Windspiel Premium Dry Gin is produced from potatoes grown on a farm in the volcanic Eifel region of Germany, turned into a mild raw alcohol through a blend of three distillations.

To this are added 10 classic gin botanicals including juniper, lemon zest, cinnamon bark, coriander and lavender, according to an original recipe.

The gin was awarded Gold at the World Spirits Awards and the International Spirits Competition and also picked up three awards at the International Wine & Spirits Competition. It is available in the UK through Maverick Drinks and Master of Malt.

The brand, launched by Eifelion two years ago in Germany, also has its own tonic water. It is made with water from mineral springs and natural carbonic acid in the Eifel region with citrus notes that complement those in the gin.

The Windspiel team consists of Sandra Wimmeler, Denis Lönnendonker, Rebecca Mertes, Tobias Schwoll and master distiller Holger Borchers.

Sandra, who is managing director of Windspiel, said: “We wanted to develop a down-to-earth, classic yet exclusive London dry gin. Besides the ingredients, traditional craftsmanship was particularly important to us. For example, we produce all the raw alcohol ourselves, seal our bottles by hand and stick the labels on ourselves.

“We have very good mineral springs here in the Eifel so we had the idea of producing a tonic with natural mineral water and natural carbonic acid from the Eifel that perfectly complements our gin.”

The Windspiel brand, which specialises in potato-based products, also has a barrel-aged gin, the chocolate-flavoured Windspiel Premium Gin Truffle, and Windspiel Barrel-Aged Potato Vodka, matured in ash barrels in Germany and made from a special Pirol variety of potato.

The brand is dedicated to the man who discovered the potato, Frederick the Great, and to his second great passion, the greyhound, which in German is “Windspiel”.

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