Gillian Anderson Launches Soft Drinks Brand G Spot

The sweet spot between taste and functionality – “Where You do You”

Founded by Gillian Anderson, G Spot drinks are refreshing, natural soft drinks filled to the brim with unique thirst-quenching flavours and life-enhancing adaptogens and nootropics that invigorate and boost performance and cognitive functions. G Spot embraces both what is good for its customer’s health and what is indulgent, fun, and freeing. It lies somewhere between a purist health drink that claims to change your life and a mainstream soda brand that gets you hooked.

A simple mix of what tastes good, boosted with what does good. G Spot really is the sweet spot between taste and functionality. 

Made in the UK with only natural ingredients, G Spot’s sparkling plant-based canned functional soft drinks are caffeine free, low in calories, and have no artificial sweeteners. 

Lift is a delicious blend of berries, apples, and peppercorn infused with Bacopa, Theanine, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane, to assist in increasing energy levels, stamina, and brain power while also combating stress. Protect is a warming and nourishing mix of meadowsweet, ginger, lemon, and turmeric mixed with peppercorn and Chaga that work to support a healthy immune system. Soothe is a flavourful combination of apples, sage, and cornflower and contains Magnesium, Maca, Reishi, and Ashwagandha, which help to calm the mind by regulating mood and the nervous system. 

G Spot was created during the Covid-19 pandemic when Gillian came to terms with the fact that she consumed too many high-sugar, caffeinated drinks. “I’ve had a serious soft drink habit for the past 20 years, and I don’t drink enough water. I know sugar and caffeine are not good for me, but I haven’t found an alternative that has the same effect. And although I love the idea of flavoured water, I really don’t like the taste of what’s out there. So, I thought, if what I’m looking for doesn’t exist, why don’t I make it? Something that tastes great but is natural, hydrating, and full of goodness”. So after months of gathering a team and working alongside industry experts, she finally, as she says, “found my G Spot. A soft drink filled with life-enhancing adaptogens and nootropics that boost performance and cognitive functions but also taste f**king good.” 

From the outset, Gillian realised that she also wanted to build a brand that explored wellness in a way she didn’t see anywhere else. A brand that could cut through the sometimes all-or-nothingness of the wellness industry (which felt at times intense, exclusive, and extreme.) So she set out to create products that promise to celebrate self-care, self-awareness, and the freedom to be yourself; the middle (wo)man who symbolises balance, wellness, fun, freedom, and satisfaction; having it all. The middle ground is where the magic happens – the sweet spot – the G Spot.

G Spot appreciates that everyone is unique and has their own interpretation of wellness. Its cheeky and punchy tagline, “Where You do You,” encapsulates the brand’s mission to encourage and empower its customers to explore what wellness means to them individually and to create their own definition that isn’t dictated by faddish trends but is true to who they are. G Spot believes that its customers should no longer have to choose between what tastes delicious and what is good for them, that just like its drinks range, they too can have it all. G Spot’s goal is to be its customer’s go-to destination to find their balance, their G Spot. 

G Spot invites its customers to share what hits their spot on its social media platforms using the hashtags #ifoundmygspot #tastesfxckinggood.

The G Spot drinks are now available in the UK in a mixed flavour box of six cans for an RRP of £19.99 on 

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