GIN & GENEVER – ESSENTIAL 5: Shelf-esteem

DNA Cocktail Room is an environment where each visit is a new experience through a journey of spirits from all over the world. Bar Manager Alfonso Monaco explains how a multitude of gin styles on your shelves can be suitable for different uses.

1. A dry journey

There’s always the customer who loves a dry drink. A mixture without spicy notes. A concoction not too accentuated for the customers who perhaps loves their ritualistic classic cocktail.

For these cases, we make sure to always have a good London Dry or Plymouth gin readily available, where the leading characteristic is juniper. N° 3 gin is one of my favorites for this kind of mixing.

2. In search of history

As a Bartender, it is essential to be inquisitive about the story behind each bottle you’re serving. We’re sure to remain fascinated by the story the product sells without neglecting the quality the bottle brings!

Monkey 47 not only carries a beautiful story of Germany’s Black Forest, but also delivers an excellent bouquet of botanicals, ideal for a fragrant and aromatic Gin Tonic.

3. Flowers, fruits and perfumes

The latest trend is to drink a G&T with unusual botanicals. The customers will often ask for perfumed or floral gins that may have an exciting mix of new and unfamiliar flavors.

We often offer Japanese gins where the presence of flowers or fruits make the drink delicate and, when combined with a persistent bubble, the aromas create an olfactory experience. However, along with Japanese gins, the whole world is moving towards the creation of “fruity” juniper spirits.

4. Experimentation and fascination

When it comes to bars, the sky’s the limit. We work hard to create exciting drinks and new homemade products such as gin infusions, sous vide cooking and much more.

The gin we choose for these will never be a spicy or intense gin, but instead a very neutral and dry gin.

For example, we make our “Smoky Love” by first cooking Tanqueray Gin with raspberries and then making an infusion with Lapsang tea, adding a smoky and oriental flavor. When mixed into a Negroni, it leaves everyone enthralled with its unusual flavor.

5. Gin for all

I would be remiss of me to fail to mention non-alcoholic gins.

Whether used for a G&T or a sour cocktail, non-alcoholic gin is a product that any bar cannot go without.

It isn’t necessary to have too many, but rather just enough for the different gin uses.

We use Tanqueray Zero and Sabatini GinO. The latter finds itself at home in a sour with its abundance of Mediterranean scents.

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