Givenchy fragrances inspire bar’s special cocktail list

givenchy cafe royal

A range of cocktails has been created at London’s Hotel Café Royal through a collaboration with perfume makers Givenchy.

Bartender Tiziano Tasso at The Club at Café Royal has developed seven cocktails to mirror the seven fragrances in the L’Atelier de Givenchy collection.

Each of the cocktails has a distinct colour, personality and taste, reflecting the key perfume notes of each of the fragrances which take their names from the raw materials used and the world of couture. The raw materials range from rare flowers and precious woods to fruits and leathers.

The cocktails, each with the same name as the fragrances, include the delicate Chypre Caresse, named after cyprus, which is made with gin, jasmine, lemon citrus and subtle, rich notes of honey.

The Ylang Astral, named after the ylang-ylang plant, is floral and woody, combining rum, sour apple sherbet, orange curacao and mandarin oils.

The Néroli Originel, named after the oil from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, is made with cognac, vanilla, lemon and essential oils from bitter orange.

The Cuir Blanc – meaning white leather – is a Martini-style cocktail, created with Siberian pine needle extract to provide a woody and fresh taste.

The Bois Martial – named after a fragrance made from coconut wood – combines Jamaican rum with pineapple and sage leaves.

The Ambre Tigré features a rye-based American vodka combined with a Dutch honey-flavoured whisky and English amber beer. The smoky, woody Oud Flamboyant includes Japanese whisky and mandarin juice.

They will be available in the hotel’s Green Bar from February 1 to March 31, priced £13 each.

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