Global Bartending Talent Agency continues to help the hospitality industry, through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond with the launch of two new platforms

Global Bartending Talent Agency, who represents some of the world’s leading industry experts, is set to launch two new initiatives for the hospitality industry this month, The Global Bartending Marketplace and Helping Hospitality. In addition, Global Bartending will be one of the first companies in the drinks industry to accept Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, as a form of payment.

A one stop shop where consumers will be able to purchase some of the world’s best bottled cocktails, bar equipment and books from a collection of the most renowned bartenders, establishments and charities including Birdy by Erik Lorincz, Hacha by Deano Moncrieffe, Sharp & Dapper by Johan Eklund and World of Zing by Pritesh Mody.

The platform will even sell Trust Water where 100% of profits go to the Drinks Trust, a community providing support for the drinks industry. The innovative platform will enable consumers nationwide to purchase products from multiple bars and bartenders in one purchase, processing payment via a secure online payment system, via PayPal or with Bitcoin.

The Global Bartending Team have identified that even though ‘bottled cocktails’ as a sector has grown exponentially, bars and bartenders selling them have struggled to gain the online traction required to elevate a decent return. The Global Bartending Marketplace therefore aims to restore and help bartenders and venues raise revenue from bottled cocktail sales and bar & bartender owned merchandise, taking a commission of 10%, all of which for the first year will be reinvested to support the advertising and marketing of the platform, in turn raising additional revenue for the bars.

The forward-thinking Global Bartending Team is setting itself up for the future of hospitality with the acceptance of cryptocurrency in its marketplace. They hope to see the bottled cocktail and online purchasing of bar owned merchandise reach a new audience and increase conversion rates and sales for bars and bartenders alike. The marketplace will allow for an additional revenue stream for the industry post-pandemic.

The ‘Helping Hospitality’ platform will launch alongside and will be home to a series of insightful and uplifting videos from key industry leaders to shine a light for everyone in the hospitality industry affected by Covid-19. Videos include; tips on how to manage the effects of the pandemic and rebuild businesses, and inspirational ideas to generate further revenue. The team at Global Bartending has created the videos with globally renowned talent such as Joe Schofield, Lynnette Marrero & David Rios, to support the industry through the difficult times. Videos can be found at

Founder of Global Bartending Dan Dove comments: “After an extremely difficult year we would like to shine a light on the difficulties that the hospitality industry has had to face throughout the pandemic. As part of the bartending community ourselves, we want to help and give back to as many people as possible. We hope that our small contribution helps our beloved industry get back up and running and that we can provide some much-needed support.

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