Go Green!

In line with the wider feature, we share five simple steps your bar can take to move closer towards being net-zero. 


Undoubtedly one of the most important steps, educating and re-educating staff is crucial in ensuring your bar has a purposeful approach to sustainability. Mandatory seminars on sustainability, or integrating information on greener initiatives in weekly meetings, will raise awareness on the topic, reminding staff of the importance to lead in a ‘greener’ way. After all, staff are the driving force of your venue, so making sure everyone shares the same sustainability goals will enable a smoother and efficient journey to net-zero!


When looking to move closer to net-zero, it is important to examine your serves and decide whether your offerings accurately reflect your sustainability goals. Stocking planet-forward and B-Corp spirits who believe in conscious consumption, is a simple way to reduce your bar’s carbon footprint, placing your venue that one step closer to achieving sustainability status. 


Consider moving to seasonal menus which include fresh, locally sourced and produced ingredients. This will help your venue reduce its carbon footprint by cutting down transportation costs, as well as save on food costs and decrease your food waste. While placing you closer to your sustainability goals, swapping to seasonal menus will also help attract new, local guests, and also offers the opportunity of collaboration with local suppliers and stakeholders.


Being organised in terms of your bar’s stock, ingredients and supplies is crucial in maximising efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint. Carrying out regular stock updates, forward-planning for large events and perhaps using a digital stock tracker to streamline the re-stocking process can ensure the number of deliveries you need is kept to a minimum, therefore reducing transportation costs, CO2 consumption and wastage.


Analysing your bar’s energy consumption in terms of water usage and electricity, and making the necessary changes to use less, is effective in reducing your venue’s footprint, placing you closer to your sustainability goals. Advocate mindful energy usage by encouraging staff to use water and electricity sparingly and only when necessary, and consider ways to reduce energy consumption through regular audits and reports, which will help identify any ‘energy vampires’, such as leaking taps, sooner rather than later!

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