Goral Vodka Master launches bottle inspired by Slovak architecture

Goral Vodka Master limited edition bottle launch

Goral Vodka Master is launching a limited edition bottle inspired by seven icons of modern Slovak architecture.

Goral Vodka Master was born under the majestic Tatra Mountains, perfected by the experience of master distiller Jan Krak. The secrets of its taste are hidden in its seven column distillation and seven pass filtration.

A new limited edition of Goral Vodka Master pays homage to ‘seven icons of modern Slovak architecture’ that are engraved into bottle with platinum and sold in a luxury box to help add “the special touch”.

The bottle was designed by internationally acclaimed graphic designer Tomas Kompanik who is known for his unique artwork that transforms a traditional Slovak embroidery into modern graphics. It comes with a certificate of authenticity as only 77 bottles were made.

Seven icons of modern Slovak architecture include:

1. The Patria Hotel, High Tatras
The Patria Hotel is located in the Štrbské Pleso area. It is composed of two buildings with gable roofs, which reach down to the ground. The angle of the taller building ́s roof imitates the peak of Patria mountain; together with the ski jump ramp of the same slope, it completes the landscapes composition.

2. SNP Memorial, Banská Bystrica
The SNP memorial in Banská Bystrica is one of the most significant in Slovakia. It commemorates the period of the Second World War and the Slovak National Uprising, which started in Banská Bystrica. The building consists of the unified memorial and museum in one monumental form.

3. The TV Tower on Kamzík, Bratislava
The TV Tower on Kamzík stands at 433 meters above sea level in the Small Carpathians in Bratislava. It is 194 meters tall. At the 70 meter mark, it contains a restaurant and observation deck with a view of Bratislava. The tower is one of the capitals symbols and reference points.

4. The Green Frog Pool, Trenčianske Teplice
The Green Frog, a thermal pool in Trenčianske Teplice, is considered the height of organic functionalism in Slovakia. It is an example of the perfect symbiosis of architecture and nature. It was closed for fifteen years for technical reasons and reopened in 2015 after extensive reconstruction.

5. SNP Bridge, Bratislava
The SNP (Slovak National Uprising) bridge is a single-pylon bridge that spans the Danube. It is the only bridge in Bratislava without a single pillar in the river itself. The attraction is a restaurant with an observation deck at a height of 85 meters (called The U.F.O. since its 2005 reconstruction, previously known as Bystrica). The pillar contains an elevator and an emergency staircase with 430 steps.

6. The Slovak Radio Building, Bratislava
The Slovak Radio Building in Bratislava consists of a steel structure in the shape of an inverted pyramid. It contains generous indoor spaces, a concert hall, recording studios and one of the largest organs in Slovakia. The building ́s height, including the antenna, is 80 meters.

7. The Colonnade Bridge, Piešťany
The Colonnade Bridge (also known as the Glass Bridge) in Piešťany over the Váh river is a National Cultural Monument. It is one of the peak works of functionalist architecture in Slovakia. It is the longest covered bridge in Slovakia. Near the bridge ́s entrance is a famous statue, The Crutch breaker, by R. Kuhmayer.

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