Gorilla Spirits Co. pioneers use of bottles made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass.

Gorilla Spirits Co. range of award-winning spirits, including IWSC Winner Silverback Mountain Strength Gin, are about to get a fresh new look, which is both stunning in design and significantly kinder to the environment. This announcement from the ethically renowned spirits Company, is made to coincide with Earth Day (22ndApril) and sees them championing the use of bottles that are made entirely from recycled glass.

Already a twice winner of The Green Organisation’s International Award for Corporate Social Responsibility, this latest project is part of the Company’s relentless drive to minimise the impact it has on the environment and contribute towards a more circular economy. Andy Daniels, the company’s founder, says “this is a major step forward for us in our sustainability journey and we hope that it demonstrates to others how great design can be achieved whilst also being kind to the environment”. 

Bottles used by most spirits brands can contain a small percentage of recycled glass, but this usually comes from waste produced in the large-scale manufacturing process itself, whereas all the glass that goes into the new Gorilla Spirits bottles is ‘post-consumer recycled’, meaning that it is made from the glass that all of us have put into our recycling bins. 

About the design itself, Andy comments “we embrace many of the imperfections in the glass making process, celebrate them even, by allowing bottles that would typically be rejected during manufacture to make it all the way through to the final product. This significantly reduces manufacturing waste and makes the whole process much more energy efficient”.  The bottles are embossed with the phrase “wildly crafted” to encapsulate the Company’s sustainability ethos.

Environmental impact goes beyond just the type of materials used – the new bottle is 40% lighter than most spirits bottles in use today so requires significantly less raw material and less energy in the production process. The Company estimates that it will be using around 20 tonnes less glass in the coming year than last, and by reducing the weight of each case by 2.1Kg they reduce the amount of fuel needed and CO2 emissions generated to transport it. 

When new packaging is introduced it is common for companies to dispose of any old stock, however Gorilla Spirits Co. will be phasing in the new bottle to ensure that their current stocks are run down. “I can’t think of a worse thing than to crush perfectly usable bottles just because we’re changing the design” says Andy.

Look out for the new bottle design from May.

Conservation, sustainability, and social responsibility lies at the heart of everything the Company does and as well as making substantial contributions to gorilla conservation, Gorilla Spirits has been helping communities during the Covid crisis by working with local foodbanks and by making and distributing much needed hand sanitiser to GP surgeries and other front-line services.

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