Grand Marnier launches an alchemy-inspired experience

Grand Marnier has announced The Grand Experiences, a series of exclusive events across London inspired by the alchemy of cognac and bitter oranges at the heart of Grand Marnier that blend contemporary art and mixology.

The first Grand Experience will take place 18-19 July and will bring together the worlds of British Fashion Designer Phoebe English (pictured) with Cameron Moncaster, a mixologist at The Mandrake Hotel.

Entitled A Tale of Alchemy, Phoebe has commissioned the Chivaree Circus Company to create a captivating performance inspired by mixology. Dressed in bespoke Phoebe English designs uniquely crafted for this performance, the Chivaree Circus will perform the story of cocktail making through a carefully choreographed narrative to an intimate audience. This “sensory experience” will take place in The Mandrake’s Serge Bar.

Phoebe graduated from Central Saint Martin’s MA Fashion program in February 2011 under the tutorage of professor Louise Wilson. In October 2017, she presented a 6-year retrospective of her womenswear collections at the Fashion in Motion show at the V&A.

Phoebe said: “I wanted to create an audience activated experience aiming to amplify, emphasise and expand the alchemy of producing a cocktail.

“As if watching a magic spell, the creative process of cocktail production is the basis for this performance. Enhancing the flavoured components by portraying them as physical manifestations, using contortionists to both visually portray these elements and to produce the drinks the audience will enjoy. Combining extraordinary flavours with extraordinary bodies.”

Phoebe’s piece is part of The Grand Experiences, a curated programme of events by Grand Marnier that inspire us to “Live Grand”. They will do this by twisting traditions and bringing together the unexpected worlds of art and mixology to transform the classic cocktail experience.

Grand Marnier was created in 1880 by Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle who had an avant-garde idea to uniquely blend Cognac with an exotic bitter orange essence. The “unique alchemy” of these ingredients and the creative mind of the creator of Grand Marnier forms the basis of inspiration for the series.

A cocktail by Cameron Moncaster, mixologist at London’s West End boutique hotel The Mandrake, takes centre stage at Phoebe’s performance.

There will be three performances of A Tale of Alchemy on each of the two nights. Tickets can be purchased here.

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