Grasovka to shake up bison-grass vodka market in UK

GrasovkaPremium drinks specialist Love Drinks is to shake up the Polish bison-grass vodka category in the UK after taking on leading European brand Grasovka.

The spirit, made of Polish grain vodka infused with bison grass, is 100% naturally flavoured, with no artificial colour or additives, and each bottle contains a real blade of bison grass.

The bison grass is harvested by hand in early summer when full of sap and aroma. It is cut and dried, spread on to screen and perfused with vodka a number of times to create an aromatic essence.

The result is an all-natural, light note of hay and grass on the nose and initial palate. The taste is slightly sweet and gently warming with a light peppery finish.

The word, “żubrówka” comes from żubr, the Polish and Belarusian word for the European bison. The bison grass grows in clearings in the woods of the national park of Białowieża on the border of Poland and Belarus where the rare wild bison continue to thrive.

The brand is owned by German drinks group Underberg but is produced with Polish vodka, bottled at 40% ABV.

It is a competitor to leading bison-grass vodka Żubrówka, which is undergoing a major push in the UK on-trade after joining the portfolio of leading drinks distributor First Drinks in July last year.

GRAppleSOVKAA signature serve for Grasovka is a Grapplesovka – or “GRAppleSOVKA” – which is made by pouring 50ml of Grasovka into an ice-filled glass and topping it up with 150ml of cloudy apple juice, garnished with an apple slice.

Kirsty Loveday, founder of Love Drinks, said: “Grasovka Premium Bison Grass Vodka is an exciting proposition for us at Love Drinks as we enjoy the challenge of bringing another high-quality product to the market.

“It has performed exceptionally well in taste comparisons so we feel confident both the bars and their customers will soon be enjoying the delicious, authentic flavours of Grasovka.”

Grasovka has won gold in several international competitions including International Wine & Spirit Challenge 2013, ISW International Spirits in 2012 and 2013, The Vodka Masters in 2012, and the World Spirits Awards in 2012 and 2013.

It will be distributed from October 1 by Love Drinks which is also taking on the group’s classic German herbal digestif Underberg.

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