Green Roots Wine

A new sustainable wine collection in lightweight glass and cans saving 70% of the carbon emissions of an average wine….that also tastes delicious.

Green Roots Wine is the latest innovation in the wine trade in response to the global climate crisis. The new range in lightweight glass and aluminium cans has been developed by Las Bodegas, specialist wine importers.

Sourced from sustainable wineries in France and Spain, Green Roots Wine is a Planet Mark certified business, ensuring that its carbon footprint is accurately verified and monitored by looking at procurement, shipping, bottling, packaging, water use and waste on an ongoing basis.

The range is available in the following formats:

Red, white and rosé in 250ml aluminium cans (RRP £3.50) Red, white and rosé in 75cl lightweight glass bottles (RRP £9.50)

Red and white in 20l slimline recyclable key kegs available from July.

Alistair Coulthurst, General Manager, Las Bodegas said, ‘Climate change will be one of the defining issues in our lifetime, so we came up with the idea of a wine that not only tasted great but was kinder to the planet. We knew that with efficient sourcing, bottling in the UK in lightweight glass, introducing aluminium cans and considering every aspect of our production, we could make a sustainable wine but it had to taste good too. We’ve sourced our wines from sustainable wineries in Spain and France, two of our long term partners known for their excellent wine-making and sustainable methods. We are in our infancy but we know that we have created something really special and we are looking forward to bringing it to the market.’

Green Roots will be at the London Wine Fair Stand B65.

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