Greenest Drinking Cities in the UK Revealed

With growing calls to go greener due to the current climate crisis, Brits are being encouraged to make their lifestyle as green as possible where they can. With nearly nine in ten Brits (88%) saying they are environmentally conscious, this call to action is simple to act upon, even when dining out this holiday season. Most of us (81%) consider the environmental impact when we make purchases and lifestyle choices. Including the selection of our favourite tipple.

Even though a high percentage of the public say they are environmentally conscious, a new survey commissioned by wine preservation experts Bermar, found that only 37% of the nation are conscious of making sustainable drink choices.

However, some cities and regions are well ahead of the UK average, with Walsall, being home to the most eco-conscious drinkers in the UK, where 78% of those surveyed said they select beverages they believe are better for the environment.

The top ten most eco-conscious drinking cities are:

1.     Walsall 78%

2.     Leicester 50% and York 50%

3.     Newcastle 48%

4.     Coventry 47%

5.     London 47%

6.     Wrexham 46%

7.     Cambridge 46%

8.     Blackpool 45%

9.     Northampton 45%

10.  Birmingham 44%

This is also great news for venues as the survey demonstrates Brits also prefer to spend in venues that are conscious of their carbon footprint. More than four in ten (41%) of the UK public said they would be positively influenced if a drinks menu outlined how a venue is reducing their environmental impact. Over a third (38%) said they would choose a bar that was more environmentally conscious and three in ten (31%) would be inclined to spend more at a “greener” venue.

Tom Berresford, Managing Director at Bermar, is in hospitality wine preservation and has over 50,000 clients in 90 countries. Some well-known clients include Greene King, Mitchels’s & Butlers, Hawksmoor to name just a few. 

Tom says: “I would advise consumers seeking a greener service to take a look at menus. Do they highlight venues’ policies, or draw your attention to information regarding what they are doing to deliver a more sustainable service? Don’t be afraid to ask a venue how they look after their wine. For example, what do they do to prevent wastage?

With a carbon footprint of around 1.2kg per bottle, it is evident we really need to consider and analyse not just the product, but the way it is served and cared for. If a sustainable service is requested by the masses, and the public vote with their feet, venues will need to think carefully about how to deliver this.”

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