Grey Goose cocktails inspired by Virgin Galactic space flight

grey goose galactic

Two cocktails have been created to mark a new partnership between Grey Goose vodka and Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic – the world’s first commercial passenger flight into space.

With the first flights planned for 2015, the Grey Goose team have pledged to bring this space journey to life through a range of “out of this world” experiences and a series of limited-edition promotions.

This will be complemented with exclusive sponsorship activity at the Virgin Galactic launch location at Spaceport America in the Jornada del Muerto desert basin in New Mexico.

To toast the official partnership, global brand ambassador Joe McCanta has created two Taste of Space Cocktails, inspired by the experience of space flight.

While no one knows for sure, astronomers have speculated that space might taste like raspberries, having discovered in 2009 that ethyl formate, the compound widely reported as having the aroma of fruits such as raspberries, is also present in space.

In response to the commonly reported fact that the astronauts’ sense of taste and smell are dulled in space by weightlessness, Joe has incorporated spicy fresh black peppercorns as well as raspberries to heighten the taste profile of the cocktails.

“The fresh black pepper pairs perfectly with the slightly sweet and a touch of anise taste profile of Grey Goose,” Joe added.

The Grey Goose Galactic Martini Cocktail (pictured below) is made with Grey Goose and a touch of Alsatian framboise eau de vie and features a distinctive ritual where the bartender dramatically throws it four times and then garnishes it with three raspberries dusted with black pepper to give it the “taste of space”.

Throwing, which involves aerating the drink by passing it from one mixing glass to the other from as high as possible, is done four times to represent the climb from 50,000 feet to 400,000 feet that the Virgin Galactic ship makes in exactly 90 seconds at four times the speed of sound.

The Grey Goose Beyond the Clouds Cocktail (pictured top) has a ritual serve based on the notion of astronauts flying beyond the clouds. It is served in a rocks glass featuring an image of Earth from space fixed to the base. It contains a single ice orb and is covered with food-grade ethyl formate and dry ice.

A “cloud” is created by the dry ice which is then parted as 50ml of Grey Goose vodka is poured, topped with raspberry juice and freshly cracked black pepper. It was designed to be made by expert bartenders in top-end bars and nightclubs.

Grey Goose Galactic Martini Cocktail

50ml Grey Goose vodka
10ml Noilly Prat dry vermouth
5ml Alsatian framboise eau de vie (40% ABV)
1 lemon twist
3 raspberries on a Grey Goose pick

Chill the glass. Add the vodka, vermouth and raspberry eau de vie. Throw four times. Strain and zest and discard the lemon. Garnish with raspberries, slightly sprinkled with cracked pepper.

Grey Goose Beyond the Clouds Cocktail

60ml Grey Goose vodka, chilled
125ml Raspberry juice
Pinch of cracked black pepper
50ml of water with 3 to 4 drops of food-grade ethyl formate
1 Ice ball

Add the ice ball to the rocks glass. If using a cloud pourer, fill the base with water and food-grade ethyl formate. Fill the capsule with dry ice. Pour the ethyl formate cloud into the glass and let it hover. Ritually, pour the chilled Grey Goose through the cloud to part it. Top with raspberry juice and freshly cracked black pepper from a peppermill.

GREY GOOSE Galactic Martini Cocktail

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