Guinness adds smaller keg to extend on-trade distribution


Guinness has extended its container range with a smaller keg to help extend distribution of the stout in the UK’s on-trade.

The new 30-litre keg sits alongside the existing 50-litre keg and Surger unit, expanding the range of bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants that can offer Guinness on draught.

The new keg is aimed at venues with a rate of sale of less than a keg a week – about 88 pints – and has a shorter life cycle of about 55 pints.

For venues with throughput of less than 55 pints a week, the existing Surger unit uses electronic waves on Guinness from a can or bottle to re-create the “surge” of draught without needing a dispense tap.

Katerina Podtserkovskaya, head of Guinness activation in the on-trade, said: “We know that consumers associate a quality pint of Guinness with a quality outlet as research shows that 90% of drinkers would tell other people about their experience.

“Therefore there’s a massive opportunity for smaller licensees to capitalise on our 30-litre keg and Surger offering to deliver a great pint of Guinness every time.”

Once the kegs or Surger have been installed, Guinness has a team of specialised “quality executives” who work with outlets on how to look after their Guinness and ensure they serve a high-quality pint every time.

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