Hawkes introduces seasonal Elephants on Ice craft cider

Elephants on Ice

Craft cider specialist Hawkes has released a new spiced cider called Elephants on Ice for winter.

The 4% ABV cider has been designed to be enjoyed hot, as a mulled drink, as well as cold. Deep amber in colour, it is said to deliver a hint of warm winter spices and a spicy kick of cinnamon and cloves.

When served warm, Hawkes position Elephants on Ice as “the perfect accompaniment to a festive night out or evening in”.

The name Elephants on Ice is inspired by the age-old winter party, the London Frost Fair. Legend has it that during the last fair in 1814, staff would walk a living elephant across the frozen Thames to demonstrate the durability of the ice and lure punters in.

Hawkes says that this unique party was a cross between a street market and an illegal rave, with the adventurous and free-thinking spirit from the event being captured in every drop of Elephants on Ice served.

Alongside Elephants on Ice, Hawkes offers a range of other craft cider including its classic Urban Orchard range, Alcoholic Ginger Beer, and Graff, described as a co-fermented hybrid of beer and cider.

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