Hawksmoor offers wormwood vodka paired with caviar

Carelian caviar

Babička Vodka from the Czech Republic is being paired with caviar in a new partnership showcased by London bar and restaurant group Hawksmoor.

The vodka, made from wormwood, is being recommended for enjoying alongside Finnish caviar brand Carelian. It is on the menu at Hawksmoor in Knightsbridge for the foreseeable future.

Christian Sandefeldt, a chef and head of UK sales at Carelian, said: “Complementing Babička’s unique flavour profile perfectly, Carelian caviar is enhanced not overpowered by the vodka, particularly noticeable when combined with the more subtle finest caviar – a true celebration of this fine matching.”

Varieties served with Babička at Hawksmoor in Knightsbridge include Finest Baerial Malossol caviar which provide a slightly dry feeling in the mouth before exploding on the palate with a delicate flavour that is at once nutty and buttery. The integrated saltiness and long, delicious aftertaste are complemented by a fresh aroma and scent of the ocean.

Carelian’s Baerial Malossol caviar has an extremely clean aroma, with a scent of the ocean, and a buttery flavour with an integrated saltiness and a long, intense aftertaste.

The Baerial Black caviar is perfect as a tasty garnish for starters. Instead of the colour of anthracite, the eggs are an intense black and are slightly smaller. Just 5% of Carelian’s female sturgeons produce this pitch-black caviar so availability may vary.

Combining tradition and modern environmentally responsible technology, Carelian Caviar was created to allow people to enjoy its products with a clear conscience and experience a unique “nearly extinct” sensation. Its ambition is to produce farmed caviar of such consistently high quality that it competes with any wild caviar.

Babička Vodka is a premium vodka infused with wormwood and special herbs, based on a 500-year-old Czech recipe and named after the Czech for “old woman” or “witch”.

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