Hayman’s re-creates classic cordial gin for limited release

Hayman's English Cordial Gin

The makers of Hayman’s Gin have created a new limited release based on a 19th-century recipe for cordial gin.

With help from drinks historian David T Smith, they have created a full-flavoured gin with a warm, spicy and earthy character in the style enjoyed in the 1800s.

Available in limited quantities from mid-October via distributor Love Drinks, Hayman’s English Cordial Gin is available in 50cl bottles.

Archives uncovered by David T Smith revealed that cordial gin was one of the most luxurious gins of its time. By the mid-19th century, many people were choosing the sweetened style, which works in harmony with the botanicals to enhance the distinctive flavours of cassia, cinnamon and nutmeg.

It is made with the same blend of 10 botanicals as Hayman’s Gin and bottled at 42% ABV. Only 1,500 bottles are available at a recommended price in retail of £35.

Director James Hayman said: “We have really enjoyed working with David to research and recreate this forgotten style of gin, which was very highly regarded in the mid-1800s. At that time, sugar was no longer needed to disguise the impurities of alcohol due to improved distillation methods, however people preferred the sweetened full-flavoured style and considered it a luxury.

“Hayman’s English Cordial Gin has a warm, spicy and earthy character yet retains a delicate softness, which is perfect for both creating cocktails and sipping on its own. This is the first of our limited releases and we look forward to releasing more in the future.”

Suggested serves for Hayman’s Original English Cordial

Gin Daisy
60ml Hayman’s Cordial Gin
10ml Orange liqueur
20ml Lemon juice
Splash of soda
Build in a tumbler, adding all of the ingredients over cracked ice. Then stir briefly. Garnish with a citrus twist.

70ml Hayman’s Cordial Gin
4 dashes bitters (angostura or orange and aromatic)
Dash of sugar to taste
Stir all of the ingredients together, and then strain into a pre-chilled martini or coupe glass. Garnish with a little grated nutmeg.

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