Hayman’s relaunches barrel-rested gin under new name

Hayman's Reserve Gin Anthony Cullen

Distiller Hayman’s has released a new look and name for its small-batch gin rested in whisky barrels.

Hayman’s 1850 Reserve Gin will be replaced by Hayman’s Family Reserve although the recipe and the distillation process will remain the same.

It is rested in aged scotch whisky barrels for three weeks to add a subtle mellow note to the gin’s overall profile, complementing its smooth and rounded style and hints of spice and pepper.

The style of Hayman’s Family Reserve differs to the core Hayman recipes with coriander and juniper being the dominant botanicals, whereas with Hayman’s other styles citrus is prevalent on the nose.

It will be released in batches of 5,000 bottles with each being individually numbered alongside the batch number.

James Hayman, managing director of Hayman Distillers, said: “We have watched with interest the increase of cask rested gins since we introduced Hayman’s 1850 in 2011. However, we believe this category is now becoming more about innovation rather than history.

“Hayman’s Family Reserve very much focuses on the style of gin served in gin palaces prior to the single bottle act in 1861. We wish to remain true to this style rather than be categorised as a cask-rested or barrel-aged gin.

“To our family, gin is about the botanicals – not the impact of the wood. The impact of the cask is minimal – first and foremost, it is a fine gin that is versatile for classic and modern gin cocktails. That is where we see its place on the back bar.”

Hayman’s produces a range of six different styles that follow the evolution and history of gin over the last 150 years. The other gins in the range are Hayman’s London Dry Gin, Hayman’s Old Tom Gin, Hayman’s Sloe Gin, Royal Dock Navy Strength and Hayman’s Gin Liqueur.

Picture by Anthony Cullen.

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