Heineken UK launches spirit ciders inspired by 1920s speakeasies

blind pig spirit ciders

Heineken UK is introducing a new range of spirit-flavoured ciders, called Blind Pig, inspired by 1920s speakeasies.

The three flavours, at 4% ABV and coming in 500ml glass bottles, are: Bourbon & Blueberry, Rum & Poached Pear, and Whiskey, Honey & Apple.

With the bottles wrapped in mocked-up vintage newspaper, they are inspired by Prohibition-era US speakeasies which had the nickname of “blind pigs”.

With a classic design, the bottles all bear embossed map co-ordinates for each of three US cities associated with Prohibition: Chicago, New York City and Boston.

The ciders will be targeted at premium bars across the UK, including late-night venues. Early seeding has involved The Lucky Pig bars, London Cocktail Club bars, Doodle Bar and Bar 366 in London and Manahatta in Leeds.

As part of a marketing spend of around £1million, the on-trade will be offered premium visibility kits including ice troughs, wall vinyls, chalkboards, glassware and aprons.

The ciders, which are made with spirit flavouring rather than actual spirit, are recommended for pouring over ice with a garnish, although they can be drunk without a garnish or from the bottle.

For the Bourbon & Blueberry, the recommended garnish is a scattering of blueberries and a twist of lemon, while for Rum & Poached Pear it is a wedge of lime and mint leaves. For Whiskey, Honey & Apple, the recommendation is orange and apple slices and a glaze of honey.

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